One of the top up and coming musician Shavone has partnered with Spotify to create a playlist dedicated to women and sports and the WNBA. Shavone debut song “Sheryl Swoopes” was made to show the significance of Black Women paving their own paths to success.

During her time in the WNBA Swoopes was both a sports and cultural icon debuting a unique look that would be mimicked for generations to come.
In a interview with Daze Digital Shavone went on to speak about what Swoopes meant to her stating

“Growing up through elementary school to high school, I played basketball. I was also a major sneakerhead and overall streetwear enthusiast who really looked to women like Sheryl Swoopes as an example of coloring outside of the lines and breaking the stereotypes of what “women” were supposed to wear, do, and be according to societal stereotypes”

Swoopes continues to be advocate for Women in sports and will forever be remembered as one of the greatest female athletes of all time.


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