By Kriel Ibarolla

Whether you like it or not, Jake Paul has indeed become a “thing” in boxing nowadays. Odds are, you probably don’t.

After all, the term YouTube boxer has become more and more acceptable these days and we can all thank the brash 24-year-old internet personality for that.

While it’s his big brother Logan Paul that is set to take on boxing royalty Floyd Mayweather Jr. next, no doubt the younger Paul’s notorious reputation garnered so much interest for that fight to materialize.

So how exactly did Paul move from making money from social media, to raking in millions of dollars by fighting in the ring?

It all started when Paul brothers had this back-and-forth with fellow YouTuber and rapper KSI and his brother Deji Olatunji. While Logan lost his amateur bout against KSI, Jake won his via technical knockout in the fifth round.

While it was indeed a novelty to see two internet stars go at it, not a lot of people paid much attention to it. At that point, it seemed like some scripted beef between two YouTubers looking for a good content.

Jake Paul, however, continued his training and eventually decided to turn pro. That’s when things got interesting.

He took on another YouTuber, this time AnEsonGib in a sanction boxing match. Sure enough, Paul once again demolished his opponent via TKO in less than a round.

Paul then began calling himself “The Problem Child” and began promoting himself as a big-time boxer to watch out for.

Soon enough, the challengers lined-up. Instead of boxing another internet personality, Paul dialled it up a notch by starting a beef with former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Sure, the three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion is a novice boxer but his athletic background is pretty solid, right?

Many thought Nate could actually pull it off and shut the cocky Paul once and for all. Boy, were we all wrong. Paul brutally knocked out the former NBA player in devastating, not to mention meme-able fashion. Yup, he finished it again in round 1. 

Next in line was Ben Askren. As far as credentials go, the former UFC Welterweight contender was the most accomplished fighter Paul has faced.

Then again, “Funky” was more of a grappler than a striker even during his heyday, so Paul’s choice of opponent was once again in question.

Paul improved his record to 3-0, adding another knockout to his highlight reel. Askren dropped like a bag of potatoes after a powerful haymaker 1:59 in round 1.

That KO definitely put the entire boxing world in notice. Even purists are talking about Jake Paul now. For sure, naysayers will continue to doubt his abilities. But until someone gives him that first L in the boxing ring, we will see more and more of Paul in the near future.


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