Sunday June 6th Floyd Mayweather took on Logan Paul in an eight Round main event. Due to the fight being an exhibition bout the contest resulted in no winner being announced. Mayweather considered one the greatest boxers of all-time showed very little action throughout the fight landing a mere 43 punches across 8 rounds. According to Mayweather

” his whole goal wasn't to come out here and knock me out, his whole goal was to survive, and that was a win for him”

Many fighters in the MMA & Boxing communities have came out in support of this narrative saying how impressed they were with Logan Paul’s ability to last all 8 rounds.

Overall, the event can be seen as a success but still left many fans unpleased with the lack of output from the fight. There is no clear direction for Logan Paul after this fight and speculation is that he may eventually take on his brother Jake Paul or former UFC Champion Conor McGregor.


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