Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic continues its onslaught throughout the globe, a lot of Americans are still choosing to reject the benefits of vaccination. For their part, the Jacksonville Jaguars are having none of this, as head coach Urban Meyer recently revealed how vaccinations played a key role in the team’s personnel decisions heading into the new season.

In a recent press conference, the first-year Jags coach admitted that a player’s vaccination -- or lack thereof -- was factored in as the team went into the tough process of cutting players from their roster:

”Everyone was considered; that was part of the production and also was he vaccinated or not,” Meyer said, via the Florida Times-Union. ”To say that was a decision-maker, it certainly was under consideration.”

Safety Jarrod Wilson emerged as a surprise cut from the Jaguars roster. While there has been no confirmation of whether or not Wilson was unvaccinated, the fact that he was always seen with a face mask on could mean that he opted not to get the vaccine. According to reports, only unvaccinated players are required to wear a mask inside the Jags team facility.

The administration of COVID-19 vaccines will remain to be a polarizing issue throughout the country. However, it appears that the Jaguars are taking a firm stance on this issue. The Jaguars organization will likely get some flak for this from anti-vaxxers, but it looks like they have their priorities straight.


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