Reggie Begelton and his teammates circle around the white board, eager to see what concept they will focus on next. It may be 6’Oclock in the morning, but tired eyes aren’t tolerated at these sessions. After all, diligent studying Is a must to succeed at this level. Discipline and accountability simply come with the territory.  

For anyone familiar with Reggie, such a scene seems rather normal. A former CFL superstar and currently a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers, early morning team strategy sessions are just a part of the job.

Yet Reggie isn’t standing around waiting for his coach to reveal a new play, and his teammates, though suited up in matching uniforms from head to toe, aren’t donning Nike’s latest football apparel. Instead, Reggie is a worker at a precious metal company in the middle of Texas, and these early morning sessions are a requirement for all employees at Universal Coin and Bullion.

Naturally, for most of Reggie’s co-workers, these two-hour mental training sessions seem futile and unnecessary. How enlightened does one really have to be to weld two pieces of metal together?

But for Reggie, these sessions have nothing to do with his proficiency as a welder, these training sessions changed the trajectory of his entire life. Once a hopeless wide receiver, bogged down by anxiety and fear, and depressed over the fact that he never got his fair shake, Reggie considered his life a complete failure. However, when he started working at the shop, these training sessions became his saving grace. Each day, someone at these sessions would write a problem on the white board, and Reggie and his teammates would have to come up with 10 good solutions to this problem. It was then that Reggie realized that all he had to do to overcome adverse situations was to pick a solution and run with it. Suddenly, his personal success was no longer circumstantial.

Now on the cusp of becoming a consistent NFL starter, Reggie posits that it was this realization that saved his entire career. Reggie still deals with fears and uncertainty every single day, but he now has the mental wherewithal to quell those inner demons and go out there and perform. As Reggie puts it, it’s all about thinking positive. Nobody wants to live in a world of weekly contracts and volatile playing opportunities, but if you start to let those negative thoughts creep in, that’s where you run into trouble. He even admits that his younger self would not have been able to handle it. But Reggie understands that he is the one in control of his own career, and it will only go in the direction in which he so chooses.


“I want to teach young people that no matter what you’re going through, you’re not bound to the outside material circumstances. Your life is never over before you say it’s over. “

That is why Reggie’s ultimate goal is to open up his own Gym; and one of the things he wants to offer is mental training classes, especially for young athletes. He wants to teach young people that they have complete control over their own lives, and that no bad break or unfortunate situation has the power to change that. In effect, Reggie may one day inspire an entire new generation of young athletes. I just hope he lets them sleep in a little bit more than he did.


Posted By Oliver Wiener 11/30/2020


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