Wales is out of the 2020 Euros after a 4-0 loss to Denmark. Welsh superstar Gareth Bale was questioned over his future on playing with Welsh National Team. Before the 2020 Euros Bale opened up on his future with the team saying that we wouldn't make his announcement til after the Euros.

When asked about how he felt the game went Bale went on to say "Obviously to finish the game how we did is disappointing. The boys are frustrated, the boys are angry - I'd rather us go out like that, kicking and screaming than laying off and doing nothing."

After the loss Bale was put on the presser and cut his interview short after reporters asked him questions regarding his future with the team. In the Interview Gareth Bale reassured Welsh fans stating "I'll play for Wales until the day that I stop playing football." 

Bale also noted his readiness for the upcoming World Cup and that he will make sure the Welsh Team shows up under the bright lights.




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