On July 11th, in a Trilogy the whole MMA Community has been waiting for the former two Division Champ McGregor takes on former interim Lightweight UFC Champion Dustin Poirier.

The two fighters first fought at UFC 178 in 2014 when both fighter were just getting started in the UFC. Little did we know that these two fighters would dominant the UFC for the next decade. There first fight ended quicker than most would expect ending in a first round TKO win for Conor McGregor.

Over 7 years later McGregor now one of the richest athletes in sports and Poirier would become number one ranked fighter in the lightweight division, the rematch of the decade was set. Going in to this fight the odds were split with McGregor as a slight favorite. 

As press conferences took place we began to notice a different more humble side of McGregor that fans had not seen before. This left some questioning if McGregor had lost the hunger to win as he did when he was Champion. 

The second fight unlike the first ended with McGregor getting destroyed by continuous uncontested leg kicks and an eventual second round TKO for Poirier.

What does Conor McGregor need to do to win? 

Going in final fight of the trilogy it is clear that Poirier has evolved as fighter immensely since there first fight and no longer will fall to intimidation tactics. For McGregor to win he need to show the same hunger he had earlier in his career going in to the cage as a man possessed to win. Strategically, McGregor needs to stay at a distance from Poirier utilizing his Jab to win the fight.

Most importantly he needs to check leg kicks early on from Poirier to ensure he can stay in the fight in the later rounds. Overall it is clear something needs to change for McGregor to win and we have a incredible trilogy in store for July 11th,


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