Joel Embiid and Andre Drummond on the same team. Nope, it’s the All-Star game. This is the situation in the Philadelphia 76ers frontcourt next season.

Perhaps one of the most shocking moves of the 2021 NBA Free agency so far is Drummond agreeing to terms with the Sixers.

In hindsight, both parties will benefit from this move. The Sixers needed another center after Dwight Howard returned to the Lakers, while Drummond wanted to be with a team that can content for a title.

But then again, Drummond moving to Philly means he’ll be teaming up with Joel Embiid. In case you’re not aware, these two behemoths aren’t exactly each other’s biggest fans.

Back during Drummond’s days with the Pistons, he used to have a lot of heated battles with JoJo. The two All-Star centers went at each other hard, with Embiid usually getting the upper hand.

The Cameroonian superstar even had this to say before about his now new-teammate.

“I own a lot of real estate in Andre’s head, and I’m on my way to build more,” he posted on Instagram a few years back.

There’s some clear animosity right there. Aside from the testy relationship between Drummond and Embiid, the Sixers’ latest decision is indeed a head-scratcher. Will Drummond be a good fit for the team?

For starters, we all know these two cannot co-exist on the same floor together since it will kill the Sixers’ spacing on offense. Sure, he’s a good insurance piece in case Embiid gets injured again, but it’s clear that Philly could have targeted other free agents.

However, Sixers fans can let out a sigh of relief after both parties admitted that they’ve already move on and ready to play together.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the Sixers’ Andre Drummond experiment will work. But for now, he better find a way to get along with Embiid, because they’ll be spending a lot of time together.



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