Prior to the UFC Interim Heavyweight title match between Ciryl Gane and Derrick Lewis, some MMA fans had a field day with this running joke.

They claimed that Gane is stronger, faster, quicker, and far more technical than Lewis, so the ending would be a third-round knockout win for the Black Beast.

Hilarious, right? Well, it does have some truth to it. That’s been pretty much the entire MO of Lewis’ MMA career. He’s not really the most skilled or polished fighter out there. More often than not, his opponents have him outclassed in that regard. All those talent disparities go out the window once Lewis hits one of those earth-shattering haymakers. Game over. Just ask Alexander Volkov.

Anyway, Gane didn’t get the joke. Sure, the fight did end with a viscious TKO in the third round, but it was the Frenchman who got his arm raised.

Gane didn’t mess around one bit since the opening bell. He did not play with his food, so to speak. From round 1, it was clear that Gane was the better fighter in every aspect.

Sure, the Black Beast will always be a threat with that one-punch kill shot, but Gane made sure he was never in the position to receive one of those.

Bon gamin stayed in his range, followed his game plan, and completely negated Lewis’ high-power strikes. Moreover, he dished a lot of punishment of his own, completely annihilating his outmatched foe.

Now, the 31-year-old undefeated Heavyweight has gold on his waist. Gane is the complete fighter, and the evolution of the modern-day heavyweight. While technically, he’s already a UFC champion, he knows it’s still not legit.

He needs to overcome another freakish man with ridiculous knockout power to really be considered a true champion. That’s right. There’ no other fight to make other than UFC Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. The Predator’s current rocky relationship with the UFC makes this a tricky subject.

Still, we want to see who the real Baddest Man on the Planet is. With Jon Jones’ heavyweight debut looming, this fight has to happen first. Ciryl Gane needs a true challenge, and Francis Ngannou is the best man for the job.


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