Boxing purists will definitely scoff at the idea of YouTuber Jake Paul sharing the ring with one of the brightest stars of the sport right now, Canelo Alvarez.

To this day, most believe Paul’s foray into boxing is a mockery of the sport.

Alvarez himself, however, is not exactly closing the door on this idea.

The rumblings of a future Paul vs Canelo fight reached the unified Super Middleweight world champion, and he had an interesting take about the matter.

Here’s the interview, translated from Spanish to English by TMZ Sports.

Photog: "What do you think of Jake Paul? Are you gonna give him a chance?"

Canelo: "Not right now."
Photog: "Why don’t you want to give him a chance?"
Canelo: "He’s not ready."
Photog: "Do you think it might be a good option?"
Canelo: "If he wants someone to fight, we have this guy right here ..." (Points to a friend)
Photog: "What needs to happen in order for you to give him a chance?"
Canelo: "He needs to keep improving. Good luck."
Photog: "What do you think of a fight between you and your brother vs. the Paul bros?"
Canelo: "No."

All right. Alvarez, of course, knows there are bigger fish to fry at the moment other than Paul. Canelo is establishing his legacy right now and knocking Paul senseless won’t solidify his claim.

However, he knows a fight with the online personality would be a guaranteed pay day. For sure, that’s why he didn’t say outright that he won’t be fighting Paul.

Certainly not now, but who knows?


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