By Renzo Salao

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The Utah Jazz are going to win the NBA championship this season. No, this isn’t a hot take. It’s just a fact based on statistics. 

The Jazz have the best record in the NBA, and there’s been one clear explanation for their success - yellow jerseys.

During their win over the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night, Utah was rocking exactly those gold-colored ‘Statement’ jerseys. They pulled out the victory, 110-99, which shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anybody who pays attention to the in-depth analytics. 

Coming in to the game, the Jazz were 8-0 whenever they wore those yellow uniforms. They improved it to 9-0, maintaining their 100% success rate. Meanwhile, they’ve gone just 38-18 in any other jersey, good for just wins in two thirds of their contests.

Jazz wing Bojan Bogdanovic knows what’s up. The Croatian was asked about the colorful secret to their success, and he answered that they’d be fully unleashed in the postseason.

"I don't really care, but if we're undefeated, let's save them for the playoffs," Bogdanovic told The Salt Late Tribune’s Eric Walden.

There you have it folks. The Utah Jazz are your 2020-21 NBA champions.


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