NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen is now well on his way to becoming the next player-turned-coach in the NBA. The 46-year-old was recently announced as the head coach of Gulliver Prep’s Varsity Boys basketball team.

The Miami-based school made the announcement via Twitter as they confirmed that Allen will also be the director of Gulliver Prep’s basketball program: (embed the Tweet in the article, please)

To be clear, Allen hasn’t made any statement about his intention to return to the NBA someday in a coaching capacity. As a matter of fact, this recent development comes as a bit of a surprise for most folks.

Then again, it would probably be a safe assumption that at this point, Ray Allen has at least considered the possibility. In this respect, it looks like he’s willing to work his way to the top as he looks to develop his coaching chops at the JV level.

It is also worth noting that Allen’s first coaching gig happens to be in Miami. The 10-time All-Star spent the final two seasons of his career with the Miami Heat, and he was part of that memorable 2013 title run alongside LeBron James and Miami’s Big 3.

This could be considered as somewhat of a homecoming for Ray Allen. He’s a well-loved figure in Miami and it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s kept ties with the Heat organization. Is there something brewing for the future?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though, as Allen will need to keep his focus on his new role. We wish him all the best.


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