Two-time NBA All-Star Isaiah Thomas recently made headlines after he came out with a mind-blowing 81-point performance during a recent Pro-Am game. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James was just one out of the myriad of NBA personalities that sent praises towards Thomas’ direction following his Kobe Bryant-like scoring explosion.

LeBron took to Twitter to congratulate Thomas and to provide him some words of encouragement as the former Boston Celtics star continues with his bid for an NBA comeback:

“Yessir Killa!! Keep going my G!,” James tweeted.

Here’s Thomas’ original Tweet. In it he explained the truth behind the viral clip wherein he is seen crying in the locker room after his Kobe-eqsue effort:

“I wasn’t showing y’all a snippet of me being emotional so y’all can feel sorry 4 me. Hell no!!! My life is GREAT!! I was showing y’all that to see what it feels like to give everything you have to something you love and to see it slowly coming back where it’s suppose to be”

There have been whispers of a potential return to the NBA for Thomas, and his latest jaw-dropping performance only further helps his cause. LeBron’s Lakers have been identified as one of the teams that has reportedly shown interest in the 32-year-old guard, so if all goes according to plan, Thomas could be playing alongside James this coming season.

LeBron and Thomas have been teammates in the past. IT had a brief spell with the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2017-18 season, and he’s hoping that he gets another shot at redemption in the near future. 


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