Khris Middleton has pretty much played his entire career as Robin to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Batman. And he’s fine with that.

Throughout the Bucks’ success over the years, he’s been the most underrated, overlooked, and underappreciated All-Star in the league.

But not anymore. Khris Middleton has paid his dues, and it’s about time we all take notice.

He’s not just a glorified sidekick. He’s a legit NBA star.

His amazing run in 2021 NBA Playoffs is the ultimate proof. Sure, he’s had his inconsistent nights from time to time, but no doubt he’s been clutch for the Bucks. With Giannis’ status uncertain following that nasty knee injury, Middleton is again showing that he’s not a middleman. The guy is a boss.

He’s been “Khash Money” for the most part.  He double down on his spectacular Game 4 in the Eastern Conference Finals with another incredible showing versus the Atlanta Hawks in Game 5.

Retired NBA player turned ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins even went as far as claiming that Middleton is the true Batman for the Bucks, while Giannis is his Robin.

While Perk’s assumption is up for debate, there’s no doubt people should start putting more respect on Middleton’s name.

He is a terrific defender, great shooter, and amazing clutch performer. What more could you ask for?

Khris Middleton will be the key for the Bucks to reach the NBA Finals.


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