PJ Tucker has fit right in with the Milwaukee Bucks since the team acquired his services back in March.

The scrappy forward has actually become an integral part of the Bucks’ conquest of the East in the 2021 NBA Playoffs.

A battle-tested vet, Tucker gave Milwaukee another glue guy who can defend multiple positions and even knock down open shots.

It was indeed a nice tale of redemption for Tucker, after multiple trade requests at the beginning of the year. Tuck was with the Houston Rockets at the start of the season, but was in the dog house most of the year after demanding to be traded.

A few months later, he’s in his first NBA Finals and a chance at his first NBA ring.

Making his journey even better, is the fact that he beat at least one former Rockets teammate on his way to the Finals.

For starters, the Bucks faced the Miami Heat in the first round. His former Rockets frontcourt buddy Trevor Ariza just so happens to play in South Beach nowadays. The pair, of course, are quite familiar with one another since they traded places as undersized power forwards for the small-ball Rockets a few seasons back.

Tucker got the last laugh of that match-up, since the Bucks swept the Heat in four games.

On to the second round, where Tucker took on arguably one of the best teammates he’s ever had in James Harden. Unfortunately, The Beard strained his hamstring in Game 1 and never returned in the series, which the Bucks won in seven games.

Still, that’s another point for PJ. The Eastern Conference Finals, meanwhile, showcased a reunion between Tucker and Atlanta Hawks center Clint Capela.

Both guys played well for their respective teams, but it was the Bucks that took it home in six games.

Only one team standing in the way of Tucker and the Bucks. It’s the Phoenix Suns, who were best from the West. Tucker will get a chance for an ex-teammate sweep, since the Rockets’ former point guard Chris Paul is now directing the Suns’ offense.

If Bucks do somehow win it all this year, the fact that he defeated his former Rocket teammates will make it even sweeter for PJ Tucker.


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