The Golden State Warriors have been identified as one of the teams that have shown a serious interest in Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons. As it turns out, however, Draymond Green and his role with the Dubs could just serve as the biggest stumbling block to Simmons taking his talents to San Francisco.

In a recent episode of The Lowe podcast, NBA insiders Brian Lowe and Stephen A. Smith discussed the prospect of Simmons landing with the Warriors. Both ESPN analysts came to the agreement that Simmons’ fit playing alongside Green is an issue that the Dubs have looked into:

"I think the Warriors internally are divided on the potential fit of Simmons with Draymond Green," Lowe said, via Brian Witt of NBC Sports. "Do you agree?"

"I've been told they are," Smith said in response. "They are divided."

Draymond Green isn’t exactly the best shooter in the NBA, and adding another sub-par shooter to the starting five in Ben Simmons could prove to be problematic for the Dubs. Not even the firepower of Stephen Curry and the returning Klay Thompson could be enough to fill the shooting void that will be left by a Green-Simmons pairing.

There has been no shortage of teams that have been linked to Ben Simmons, and At this point, it is becoming clear that Simmons’ future is no longer going to be in Philadelphia. on this most recent report, however, it also seems that it’s not going to be with the Warriors either.


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