Not a lot of NBA players can say they made it to the NBA Finals in their first ever taste of the playoffs. Well, Devin Booker is on that short list.

The last time the Suns reached the Finals in 1993, Booker wasn’t even born yet. How crazy is that?

But as amazing as the Suns’ 2020-21 campaign has been, a lot of pundits continue to downplay and even question their postseason run. The case can be made that the Suns have been extremely lucky in the playoffs so far.

After all, every team they’ve beat so far did have significant injuries in their rosters. To this day, not a lot of people believe they would have gotten past the Lakers in the first round if the injury bug did not intervene. 

The public consensus is; had Anthony Davis not sustained that groin injury and LeBron James been 100 percent, it would have been the Purple and Gold moving on to the second round. In the West semis, the Suns had to face newly-minted NBA MVP Nikola Jokic.

While sweeping the Denver Nuggets was indeed one impressive feat, it is worth noting that Jokic’s second-in-command, Jamal Murray, was unable to go in the postseason. He is the Nuggets’ best scorer and clutch performer, after all.

That Booker vs Murray match-up would have been epic to watch. And of course, in the West Finals, the Suns took on a Kawhi Leonard-less Los Angeles Clippers.

Paul George and company did give them one hell of a fight. Again, most believe it would have been the Clips going to their first Finals if only The Klaw was there.

That’s a lot of question marks and what ifs about the legitimacy of the Suns’ title run. Booker, however, couldn’t care less about what the detractors think.

"We're not here to justify what we're doing to anybody else," the Suns superstar said, via Suns reporter Gerald Bourguet.

Book does have a point.

The Suns have no control over which teams and players they have to face. Regardless of the circumstances, their only job is to beat whoever is standing on their way to the Larry O’Brien trophy.

So far, they’re doing an impeccable job. Plus, we can’t fault the Suns for staying healthy, right?

Booker has been phenomenal in his first taste of the playoffs, leading the way with seven 30+ point outings so far. At 24 years old, he’s also the youngest player to lead the league in scoring in the postseason since Kevin Durant.

Judging by his Game 1 performance against the Bucks in the Finals, Booker is indeed built for primetime.



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