After suffering a nose injury during a collision with Patrick Beverly that required stiches in the Phoenix Sun’s Western Conference Final’s match up with the Los Angeles Clippers, Devin Booker donned a protective face mask for the first time in his career. Naturally, wearing a mask poses certain problems in terms of what to expect in terms of irritability and functionality, so Booker sought advice from one of the NBA’s most famous mask-wearers, 3-time All Star RIP Hamilton.

Yes, as a constant student of the game, prior to game 3, Booker reached out to former NBA player RIP Hamilton, who became famous for his commitment to wearing a protective mask every time he stepped on the court. Now obviously, RIP didn’t have any groundbreaking advice, as after all, we are talking about a mask, but he did offer Booker some advice.

RIP urged the young superstar to keep the mask on the entire game.

“Once you put the mask on, don’t bother it. You are still going to be able to shoot the ball the way that you were shooting the ball, it won’t mess up your vision at all. Don’t worry about playing with something on your face.”


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