Day 7 of U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials for the Tokyo Games kicked off in Eugene, Oregon on June 24th. A variety of athletes competed including Gold Medal Long Jumper Brittney Reese, 2019 World Champion Hammer Thrower DeAnna Price and none other than Olympic Legend Allyson Felix.

Here are the full results from Day 2:

Women’s 200M 1st Round

1          Gabby Thomas 21.98 Q

2          Jenna Prandini 22.14 Q

3          Kynnedy Flannel 22.31 Q

4          Cambrea Sturgis 22.37 Q

5          Anavia Battle 22.37 Q

6          Tamara Clark 22.44 Q        

7          Morolake Akinosun 22.48 Q

8          Brittany Brown 22.49 Q      

9          Teahna Daniels 22.54 Q

10       Allyson Felix 22.56 Q          

11       Kyra Jefferson 22.57 Q

12       Quanera Hayes 22.58 Q

Men’s 400M Hurdles 1st Round

1          Kenny Selmon 49.03 Q       

2          Isaiah Levingston 49.06 Q 

3          Rai Benjamin 49.12 Q

4          David Kendziera 49.19 Q

5          Khallifah Rosser 49.28 Q

6          CJ Allen 49.45 Q

7          William Spencer 49.84 Q

8          Cameron Samuel 49.89 Q

9          TJ Holmes 49.90 Q

10       Jonathan Harvey 49.95 Q

Women’s Long Jump 1st Round

1          Brittney Reese 6.86 Q

2          Quanesha Burks 6.81 Q

3          Tiffany Flynn 6.72 Q

4          Tara Davis 6.68 Q

5          Malaina Payton 6.64 Q

6          Jasmine Todd 6.64 Q

7          Shakeela Saunders 6.58 Q

8          Keturah Orji 6.54 Q

9          Tianna Bartoletta 6.54 Q

10        Aliyah Whisby 6.39Q

In unfortunate news, Olympic Favorite Amere Lattin was disqualified for a lane violation after winning his heat with a time 49.81 which would have placed him in 6th place going in to the 2nd round. Disqualification continues to be one of the toughest rules in track and field especially when the infridgement has no effect on the other athletes. Amere Lattin is still extremely young and this will not deter him from future Olympic and proving he is one of greatest 400M hurdlers in the world.

We are proud of our Fan Arch Family Jasmine Todd, Kyra JeffersonTJ Holmes and Khallifah Rosser on moving on to the next round and make sure to support them along their journey.

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