Michael Cherry is now globally known as one of the best sprinters in the world. After all, the 26-year-old American sprinter led Team USA to the gold medal in the 4×400-meter relay in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics earlier this month.

After losing a chance at a podium finish in the 400m dash after finishing in fourth place, Cherry, along with teammates Michael Norman, Bryce Deadmon, and Rai Benjamin took care of business in the group event.

Now, he’s considered as one of the fastest men alive and the cream of the crop of the sport. However, Cherry could have just as easily been running in a different sport. Instead of the track, the New York native once thought his place was in the gridiron.

Growing up, Cherry actually pursued football and thought it would be his path to fame.

He actually played football during his freshman and sophomore years in high school. But by his third year, Cherry ended up quitting his football team entirely and solely focusing on track.

While others questioned his decision, it ended up being the best choice of his life.

“I think it was a good decision,” Cherry said, per The Virginia Pilot. “But I always think about playing football every single day. Even to this day, I hang out with a lot of football players. And I think, ‘What if I wouldn’t have run track or what if I would have done both?’ I still think I would have been Division I, but who knows? But I think I made the right decision.”

For sure, Michael Cherry definitely made the correct choice.


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